Lisa Lasater

I help families with loved ones who are addicts/alcoholics stuck in the chaos associated with both issues. These families are introduced to ways to give love without enabling while maintaining the integrity of their family and encouraging the addict/alcoholic to seek help.


Lisa Lasater

I help families with loved ones who are addicts/alcoholics stuck in the chaos associated with both issues. These families are introduced to ways to give love without enabling while maintaining the integrity of their family and encouraging the addict/alcoholic to seek help.


Lisa Lasater


Lisa Cason Lasater is a Family Empowerment Coach from Lebanon, TN. She is a Certified Disc Personality Analyst (CDPA). She has both an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree.

Her mission is to help all families struggling with relationship issues, but her main passion is helping families who are dealing with the chaos of addiction, in whatever form it takes.


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  • You will learn not to listen and blindly accept the advice of others in person and/or online. 
  • Do not be surprised if members of your family turn out to be the least cooperative when trying to come to a reasonable agreement about a plan of action concerning helping your addicted/alcoholic loved one survive.
  • Unbeknownst to a person new to dealing with the chaos of addiction, treatment does not bring complete resolution of the problem.
  • Are you one of the many people who still believe that if pain medication, that is, opioids including fentanyl, are prescribed by a doctor that you need them, they are safe and free from the possibility of addiction?
  • If someone in your family, even the least likely person, starts exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior, get to the bottom of it.

Are you sick and tired of being STUCK?

Lisa Lasater helps families with loved ones who are addicts/alcoholics like you give love without enabling while maintaining the integrity of your family.

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What People Are Saying:

Names have been changed to protect their privacy.


"I always treasure the time I spend talking with Lisa. She has a heart for helping others, and she understands what people face because of her own challenging experiences. Lisa is skilled and truly gifted to assist people move forward as they face difficult situations, especially those involving addiction in their family."



"I cannot say enough about Lisa and her compassion and wisdom. Before meeting and getting to know her, I never had a person in my life that truly understood what a person who loves an addict goes through when they have been betrayed once again. Through her own struggles dealing with this, she has helped me to understand not only the addicts thought process and reasoning, but she has helped me to realize all the emotions that I feel, that goes along with the betrayal, is valid and is something I can work through and become stronger on the other side of. I'm proud to say, she was right! Not, only am I stronger, my marriage is stronger. I am very blessed that she was there to talk through what we were dealing with and gain insight from her! She helped me to hang on and not give up on him or on us as a couple."



"We've been friends a long time before Lisa began her coaching program and she has been our lifeline in many situations. She's an amazing person inside and out and loves reaching out to help others and has such a positive attitude. We just love her to death and highly recommend her. We could all use some advice every now and then, and in my opinion, she is the best!"



"I have been working with Lisa for several months now and I am so thankful God led me to her.  Before working with Lisa I really struggled with blaming myself for my spouses addiction. She has truly helped me see that it was not my fault and nothing I have done has caused his struggle with this disease. She has helped me find peace and has always been my voice of reasoning. I would highly recommend working Lisa for any family that is struggling with a family member battling addiction!'




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